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Some of the most popular of these equipments are washing machines, automatic doors, intelligent control systems and refrigerators. Equipment such as PLC, HMI, industrial controller, industrial sensor, industrial relay, encoder and ruler, power supply, data logger and recorder and limit switch are also in the category of industrial automation equipment. In the following, we will talk about the types of these tools and equipments, their benefits and online sales.

Levels of industrial automation equipment

Automation devices have many complexities. These devices are divided into field, control, information and corporate levels, which are explained in the following two, which are more common.

Field level

At the field level, craftsmen often deal with sensors. These sensors basically transmit data to the monitoring level. The function of sensors is to convert temperature, pressure, current and surface parameters into electrical signals.

Control level

Controllers are divided into two categories: program logic controllers and production control and supervision. Various modules such as I / O, analog CPU, digital I / O and communication modules are components of control devices.

All kinds of industrial automation equipment


The PLC receives data from sensors or connected input devices and processes them, then sets up the outputs based on pre-programmed parameters. And Mitsubishi are existing brands. Depending on the inputs and outputs, a PLC can monitor and record runtime data such as productivity or operating temperature of the device, start and stop processes automatically, and alarm if the device fails, and more.

Fixed automation equipment

Fixed automation machines perform fixed operations and the purpose of using them is to increase the production rate and not to produce different types of products. Among the types of recording equipment, the following can be mentioned: distillers, staining stages, etc.

Programmable equipment

In programmable equipment, the production process or process can be changed and changed according to your needs. Factories that need mass production use programmable machines. Numerical control machines, industrial robots and paper mills fall into this category.

Flexible devices

Flexible devices are the smartest type of industrial equipment. These types of devices are flexible and can be programmed with many strings of code. If you want to produce a variety of products, you will need flexible equipment.

Dr. PLC online store

Dr. PLC store is one of the best stores in the field of online sales of industrial automation equipment and offers devices such as PLC, sensors, power supply, inverter, etc. at the lowest prices to our dear buyers. Among the most important brands of products in this store, we can mention the following: Siemens, Mitsubishi, Danaher, Emerson, Yukogawa, Rockwell, etc.

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