Ice Bank cold storage

Cold water is needed to cool the environment of refrigerators or to cool food products such as milk, which is important using the ice bank system. Using this type of system has two main advantages: 1: A smaller chiller can be used where the cooling needs are different during the day. As a result, the initial cost of refrigeration equipment is significantly reduced.

Project details

To cool the milk taken from cows from 37 degrees to 4 degrees, we need a cooling system that uses a cooling milk system in small farms, but a cooling system in farms that produce more than 21 tons. It will not have much use and a more powerful system should be used. One of the cases that can be mentioned in this regard are ice banks that deliver milk to the desired degree with high speed and in the shortest time. Sepyani Industrial Group has been able to carry out very successful projects in this field, such as the design, installation and commissioning of Mr. Ebrahimi's's Bank's project in Hassanabad, Qom, the design and implementation of the Pagen Dairy Company's's Bank system in Nasimshahr Industrial Town, design and Execution of Mr. Hemmat's farm's ice bank project in Qazvin, design, supervision and implementation of Baharan Dairy Company's ice bank project in Shahrekord, etc.
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