Setting up industrial networks

One of the most important concerns of factory and industry managers has always been to be able to have full control over the entire system of the production line, their employees and workers, and when the machine or part of the production line has a problem, even if they are not present in the factory. Be able to monitor and control the whole set and solve the problem. Also, the managers of each department should be able to monitor all the devices and personnel under their supervision at the moment and be notified in the shortest possible time in case of any problem. According to what was mentioned, industrial networks have attracted the attention of industry owners and have been used by most of them .

Project details

With this system, we can integrate all parts of the factory such as boilers, air compressors, ice banks, wells, tanks and even PLCs and HMIs and other production line systems. By doing this, in addition to being informed about the operation of each equipment, in case of any problem, we will prevent further breakdowns and losses with high speed of operation. Sepyani Industrial Group assures you that in the shortest time and using the best items and brands available in the market and the highest quality, to complete the project of networking your factory system and with a valid warranty and 24-hour after-sales service, We will gain your trust. Pagen Dairy Factory and Baharan Dairy Factory are examples of factories in which this group has been able to implement the best networking system in accordance with the budget set by the employer and record their complete satisfaction in its portfolio.
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