Setting up and consulting a calf milk powder preparation line

As we all know, the best time to start formula feeding calves is immediately after weaning. Because of the very sensitive time that this nutrient replaces cow's milk for calves And the fact that the calf's health and proper growth is achieved in this important time period. In the best case, the calves use a mixture of calf milk and cow's milk in a ratio of 3: 1 to 1 to 1 for 14 days from the time the colostrum is cut to get used to its taste.

Project details

Industrial automation of calf milk powder is performed in farms that have a high number of calves and it is not possible to feed them with breast milk. In this project, with a detailed and expert examination and according to the number of calves and the volume of milk powder required, the required concentration of milk powder is determined and with very high accuracy, the specified amount of milk powder and water are mixed and reached the appropriate temperature. And to feed the calves, it is transferred to a tractor tank that is placed for this purpose. Because the concentration of milk as well as its temperature is very important for calves, and if this is done by human labor, the probability of error will be very high, this system is the best solution for proper and complete feeding of calves. Also, another very important advantage of this system is that it performs CIP or complete washing operation automatically and with high accuracy, and this makes your mind quite comfortable in terms of the hygiene of the produced milk powder. One of the great and successful projects of Sepiani Industrial Group in this field is Hemmat cattle ranch in Abik Qazvin industrial town.
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