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Sepyani Industrial Group has been operating in the field of industrial automation since 2005 and has been able to carry out successful projects in various industries in Iran and countries such as Iraq, Afghanistan, Armenia, Georgia, Kazakhstan and Turkey.

Sepyani Industrial Complex, in order to provide complete and comprehensive services to dear customers, launched its online store in 2020 to be able to expand and complete its service to dear customers by supplying and selling various parts.

  • Industrial Automation Consulting
  • Setting Up Dairy Production Lines
  • Offering Exclusive Dairy Formulations
  • Advice On Setting Up a Dairy Production Line
  • Automation and Updating of Dairy Production Lines
  • Construction, Installation and Operation of Dairy production Line (milk, cheese, yogurt, breakfast cream, etc.)

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Constructing Dairy Production Line Machines


Automating Industrial Production Lines

Setting Up Dairy Production Lines

Livestock and Poultry Feed Production Line

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Sepyani Industrial Group is active in the construction of livestock and poultry feed production lines. Using the experience of top engineers, this company has been able to successfully launch dozens of livestock and poultry feed production lines. Contact us to build your livestock and poultry feed production line. For more info contact us on WhatsApp.

  • Providing initial advice
  • Installation in the shortest possible time
  • Automating the livestock and poultry feed production line
  • Construction of livestock and poultry feed production line from scratch
  • Providing instructions to increase the productivity of the production line
Livestock and poultry