Industrial automation consulting

Today, in order to set up factories and production lines, it is necessary to have up-to-date knowledge and knowledge so that they can start working or expand production lines at the lowest cost and with the least waste of energy and at the same time increase work efficiency. With the development of industrial automation and the variety of precision instruments used in them, as well as the increasing variety in the brands of this industry, the need to use a good and accurate advice and at the same time compassionate and committed to the employer is very much felt. Because a good and correct consultation can reduce or even increase the cost of a project by several millions.

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Advice on purchasing industrial automation items

Industrial devices, depending on the type of production and function they have, as well as the environment and location, it is important that the materials and items used are appropriate. Join us for more information in this regard.

Advice before, during and after the implementation of industrial automation

Given that the launch of industrial automation is an important and very important part of the industry, it should be noted that all these systems after maintenance also need maintenance and periodic services (if needed) To be. Due to this, the consultations that are provided during the maintenance of these systems can be one of the ways to use these services properly, and in case of breakdown or repair of automation and production line, the consultants of Sepiani Industrial Group can be used. In addition to consulting on setting up industrial automation in areas such as maintenance, training of technical personnel, replacement or updating of production lines, Sepiani Industrial Group can provide the best advice to managers.


The role of electrical panels in production devices

Consider that, for example, all production devices need one or more electrical panels, the type of panels and also the type of items to be placed in it varies according to the environmental conditions of the panel installation. Suppose if our electrical panel is to be closed in an environment with high humidity or high dust in the environment, it should be checked for IP protection so that the items used in the electrical panel are compatible with this environment. Many components used in industrial automation devices and systems are sensitive to dust and moisture, which can cause significant damage to the assembly in the event of problems. But if the consultation is not done properly, it can cause heavy damages of 40 to 400 million Tomans to the collection.

Utilizing dedicated and efficient forces

Due to the advances that have taken place in the automation industry today, employers and factory managers can utilize many of the costs of their production lines by utilizing knowledgeable experts and using new technologies or using appropriate consulting. Reduce. For example, by establishing communication between different devices through new industrial networks, while improving the quality of their production in the required workforce, as well as costs related to cabling and maintenance to save significantly.

Consulting, damage reduction solutions

Another issue that is important in factories is having a good and efficient consultant who can have a significant impact. Consider, for example, the cabling process, where it is possible to significantly reduce cabling costs by performing accurate calculations in this area and correctly determining the required cross-sectional area in each section and for each device.


Why is industrial cabling important?

Industrial cabling is very important because of its direct connection with machines, production lines, as well as manpower in factories. Choosing a non-standard and unsuitable cable can lead to machine failure of several hundred million, production line failure, factory fire. Or even endanger the lives of workers and personnel. However, careful consultation can reduce all of these to a minimum or even zero in the shortest possible time.

Electromotors, the pulse of the industrial production line

Electric motors are another important item that is widely used in industry and if not properly addressed, it can cause irreparable damage. For example, electric motors are used to move conveyors, pumps and mixers.

Considering the types of brands of electric motors that exist and also the different powers that they have, choosing the best and most suitable electric motor is very important and sensitive according to the function and power consumption. Because if the power consumption is less than the power of the electric motor, other related devices will have problems and if this power is higher, pressure will be applied to it and there is a possibility of burning the device. If all the problems can be minimized with the right advice to buy the right parts.

Choose the right instrument

Another issue that should be considered by employers in industry is the correct and appropriate selection of precision instruments in industrial automation. Instruments are very diverse in the market today with different brands as well as original or non-original. The more accurate tools you can use in your devices and panels that have a longer life and performance, the higher the production efficiency. Also, due to their relatively high price, these parts will only incur costs if they are not purchased properly and do not have the performance required by the employer.

Why is it important to choose PLC and HMI?

The last and most important issue that should be highly considered by employers and industry owners is the correct choice of PLC and HMI in various projects. PLCs and HMIs are the items that are usually the most expensive in projects, and given that there are many different brands with very different functions and features, each of which is very different in terms of price. Given the above, a good and expert advice in this field can significantly reduce the cost of the project.

Proposed plans of Sepiani Industrial Group for industrial automation consulting:

Free package
1 free visit to the factory
1 hour free online consultation
Bronze package
2 sessions of visiting the factory
2 hours of online and in-person consultation
Silver package
3 sessions of visiting the factory site
4 hours online consultation
2 hours of face-to-face consultation
Provide our proposed plan to improve industrial automation
Golden package
Visit the factory as many times as needed
Zero to one hundred suitable and specialized advice for industries
Provide our proposed plan to improve industrial automation
Provide required maps and plans
24-hour support

Sepyani Industrial Group tries to cover small and large industries by considering consulting proposals and takes steps to improve the quality of Iranian products and increase customer satisfaction. We are with you on the way to achieving your dreams.

Why Sepyani Group ?

Consulting, design and commissioning

Considering all the above, Sepiani Industrial Group, with its experienced experts, with experience and compassion in the field of consulting and carrying out various industrial projects, can help you in any of these cases to imagine Take steps to develop your industry and do not worry about poor quality of parts, failure of production lines or lower quality of your products. You know for a fact that good advice is not a cost because it can prevent many potential losses and risks and increase your profits many times over.

Project Management 78%
Installation 90%
Providing Expert Advice 80%
Support After Work 90%
خدمات اتوماسیون صنعتی


How to visit the factory?
After the initial coordination, a team consisting of relevant technicians will be present at the factory site by the Sepiani collection and the process of specialized inspections and inspections will take place.
How can we get advice to choose the best package that suits our industry?
You can fill in the "Consultation Request" form to let us know your problem so that our specialists can contact you in the shortest possible time.
How many people can attend the counseling sessions?
Depending on the size of the complex and the project, the number of people present at the consultation can vary.