Launching industrial automation

Today, with the development of various industries and the great competition that has arisen between various manufacturing and industrial factories, the need to use more up-to-date devices that can produce products with higher quality and at the same time lower production costs and minimize errors. Human beings are more visible than ever. In the meantime, industries that optimize their production lines and devices sooner or implement the best industrial automation in their factories at the beginning of their journey by using accurate and reliable advice, will definitely be more sustainable among their competitors. Was because the first and least effect that will benefit them from the proper implementation of industrial automation will be a significant reduction in costs and increase the quality of products.

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Contact Sepyani Consulting Group

To contact Sepyani Consulting Group, you can use the Consultation Request Form with the exact definition of the project. Make sure the project is complete and complete safely. Sepyani Industrial Group project review and research team with a detailed and complete analysis of your project, the best solution to do it and the highest quality consumer items that can be used for this project, taking into account the budget considered by the employer in a comprehensive report Gives.

Projects that can be done by Sepyani Group

  • Design of industrial automation systems li>
  • Set up production lines
  • Calculate and carry out cabling projects
  • Carry out industrial network projects
  • Carry out IoT projects
  • li>

  • Purchase of special industrial automation items
  • Advice for purchasing industrial automation items and precision instruments
  • Carrying out tank weighing projects
  • Setting up a milk production line , Yogurt, curd, dessert and ice cream with formulation for all dairy products
  • Consulting and formulation to produce a variety of dairy products with any quality and taste desired by the client
  • Design And construction of dairy and food filling machines
  • Upgrading old machines and production lines
  • Creating a control system And fluid calculations
  • Performing services related to industrial farms
  • Creating and manufacturing CIP system in dairies and farms with the most up-to-date methods and the lowest cost
  • Optimization Factory power consumption
  • Programming and commissioning of PLC and HMI types with different brands
  • SCADA programming (SCADA)
  • Optimizing them with facilities and features Special features for easier use for forces with any level of literacy

and many other things that are done in the best possible way by the powerful and experienced staff of Sepyani Industrial Group and you can Leave any of your industrial projects to us with ease and be sure to do it in the best way.

The proposal of Sepyani Industrial Group to set up and implement industrial automation:   

Suggested package
Complete pre-launch consultation
Commissioning and implementation of various production lines
Develop and present operational plans for industrial automation
Forecasting start-up costs and cost-cutting strategies
Support 24 hours before, during and after the implementation of industrial automation
Launching and implementing various small and large projects in various industries, including petrochemical, oil and gas, food, dairy, automotive and machine industries

Why Sepyani Group?

Consulting, design and commissioning

Sepyani Industrial Group, with the support of years of experience and expertise in the field of repair and maintenance of various industries, especially food and dairy industries, can provide a timely schedule in consulting, installation and maintenance of the device Bring imaginary comfort to you and your factory devices after running with 24-hour support

Project Management 78%
Installation 90%
Providing Expert Advice 80%
Support After Work 90%
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Do start-up services include warranty?

Yes, all start-up services include a 10-year warranty.

Is it possible to train the technical staff of the complex during the project?

Yes, the prerequisite for launching and executing is training the technical staff of the complex, because this will advance the goals faster.

On what basis is the estimated time for commissioning and implementation determined?
The exact time of the project is determined based on different criteria such as the amount of production, type of equipment, field of activity, etc. At the same time, our collection strives to complete projects and deliver them as quickly as possible.