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What is Process Tank?

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Process Tank

Process tank or bottle or milk cooking machine is one of the necessary and important equipment in dairy factories, animal husbandries and other food industries. The process tank is usually used in dairy production workshops, factories and livestock farms. Process tank is used to boil milk. Milk goes through the boiling process with the aim of destroying bacteria and micro-organisms inside it. And for this purpose, various methods are used, such as boiling milk in a pot, tank process, and cooking milk in a pan. Next, to questions such as “What is the tank process?“, “What is the use of Process Tank?” we will pay.

Using this device has an economic justification and unlike other methods, it keeps the quality of milk at a high level. Most importantly, it prevents milk from curdling and changing its taste and smell. In addition to pasteurizing and storing milk, the tank process is also used for pasteurizing spirits and all kinds of liquids and making ice cream. If you are planning to buy this machine or start production lines for dairy and other industries, read this article to the end.

پاتیل پخت شیر

What is Homogenizer?

What is the process tank or milk bottle?

The process tank consists of a three-walled steel chamber. It is used for cooking, processing, mixing milk and other liquids. These devices are made in different capacities and sizes and structures. Process tanks are used in livestock farms, dairy production workshops, animal breeding complexes and industrial factories for processing and producing dairy products. With the help of processing tanks (or milk bottles), products such as ice cream, curd, yogurt and other types of dairy products can be produced.

Process tanks can be equipped with different peripheral devices and used to produce a variety of other products. For example, by connecting the process tank to the cooling tower, it can be used to pasteurize all kinds of liquids or produce ice cream. In general, the process tank device uses an external process to heat the milk or product. This top is filled with hot water. The degree of heating of the product and the temperature incompatibility between the device and the heating material can be easily adjusted by the operator. Also, the combination of whey and curd is indirectly heated inside the outer surface through the circulation of hot water.

The main components of the process tank

In order for this device to have the highest and best possible efficiency, a tank is designed as a large cooking pot. And inside it, an automatic mixer is designed and installed. Of course, it should be said that the main and most important part of the tank process is the structure of the tank walls.
These components are:

  • Tank
  • Agitator
  • Electro-Motor
  • Dashboard

دستگاه پخت شیر


The process tank is designed as a boiler with 3 different walls. But what is the function of these 3 walls? Hot water flows in the middle distance between the internal wall of the tank process boiler and the middle wall. This hot water makes the contents of the process tank receive heat uniformly. The advantage of cooking milk in this way is that the materials inside the tank are not likely to sink or burn by receiving uniform heat.

On the other hand, the distance between the middle wall and the outer wall of the process tank is insulated with stone wool to prevent heat loss. The water of this insulation is saved in fuel consumption and energy costs of the production unit. Due to the function of this device and food processing, completely hygienic, anti-rust and anti-odor parts should be used in its production. The inner and outer body of the process tank is made of 304 grade stainless steel. The method of welding the outer and inner layers of the tank is such that it does not transfer any color or taste to the milk.


Another important and influential part in the structure of process tanks is its stirrer. The process tank stirrer automatically and continuously moves the contents of the cooking pot so that all the contents receive heat from the walls uniformly. prevent them from settling or sinking.

Also, the action of the stirrer helps to dissolve the additives with the liquids inside the process tank. In this way, with the help of a normal process tank, it is possible to process different liquids in high volume and produce a variety of food, chemical and health products. The stirring impeller will be placed exactly in the liquid. It is made of quality grade 304 stainless steel, which will not transfer any taste or color to the liquids inside the container.

Electric motor:

The electric motor is one of the most important and practical parts in most industrial systems. The task of the motor is to take electrical energy from the power source and convert it into the kinetic energy required by the device. Various brands of electric motors are used in the process tank. The motor is responsible for stirring the stirrer and the liquid inside the chamber. According to the volume of the tank, the power of this engine is also different. Different manufacturing companies use different electric motors according to the needs of the buyer and other features of the device.


Dashboard is a type of programmable controller display. This board is used for industrial purposes and makes them intelligent. This device is used in any process and system that requires accurate and reliable control. According to its type and brand, this device can also cool and cool hot milk.

What are Process Tank applications?

The applications of process tanks are wide. Because these devices are widely used in the dairy production industry and there are different dairy products. In the following, we will introduce the types of dairy products that can be produced with process tanks.

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Different Types of Pasteurizer

Process tank for cooking milk:

One of the simplest applications that can be expected from process tanks is the process of cooking milk or other liquids. Cooking milk with these devices is very simple and easy. In order to cook the milk after installing the device, the process tank must be connected to the hot water package using standard connections. After washing the tank, fresh milk is poured into it. After turning on the device, the mixer will turn on automatically. And by stirring the milk, prevent it from curdling.

A thermometer is installed on the body of some process tanks to measure the temperature of the contents inside the cooking pot. When the temperature of the contents reaches the user’s desired level. The hot water valve of the package will be closed to prevent the temperature of the contents from rising. It is noteworthy that if the purpose of the process tank device is only to cook milk, there is no need to connect the device to the cooling tower.

Tank process for producing ice cream:

Another special application of process tanks is the production of ice cream with different flavors. In this application, fresh milk can be poured into the process tank. Then he started boiling the milk in the first place. When the temperature of the milk reaches 60 degrees Celsius, sugar and stabilizer (stabilizer) are added to the warm milk, which are the raw materials necessary for the production of ice cream.

After adding the required ingredients, the stirrer causes the additives to dissolve in the warm milk and makes the ice cream mixture get the necessary initial consistency. It is noteworthy that the process tank for the production of ice cream must be equipped with an inverter motor. Because the ice cream has a high viscosity, and the mixer needs more power to mix it.

After the ingredients are combined and the consistency is reached, the package should be closed with hot water. And cold water is produced by the cooling tower and enters the middle layer of the process tank. In this way, the temperature of the ice cream will decrease quickly. and be ready to continue the process of ice cream production. The next step in the production of ice cream is to cook the ice cream, after cooling, it is transferred to the hardener. The thickening machine is special because after the ice cream liquid cools down by mixing it, it makes the ice cream get the necessary consistency and is ready to eat.

Process tank for the production of Sarshir:

Production of high-quality milk in a large volume and in a hygienic manner is another application of process tanks in the dairy industry. The suitable process tank for this process is also different. But how to work with it is very easy. Fresh and high-fat milk cream is obtained by a creamer machine, which should add 1 kg of cream for every 10 kg of milk in the process tank. Hot water produced by the package.

It is transferred to the middle layer of the process tank and the milk is heated inside the tank. As soon as the temperature of the milk reaches 60 degrees Celsius, the cream obtained in the first step from the primary milk. They pour into the tank. At this stage, the speed of the stirrer should be increased with the help of an inverter motor. The work of the mixer is to stir the separated cream and dissolve it completely in the milk.

When the temperature of the milk reaches 80 degrees Celsius. The hot water of the package must be disconnected and the cold water of the cooling tower must be connected to the device. When the temperature of the milk in the process tank reaches 27 degrees Celsius. The produced product in the tank should be poured into shallow trays by the machine and transferred to the cold room. The process tank used for the production of head oil must be equipped with an inverter electric motor and the process device must be connected to the cooling tower to perform the work.

Process Tank for curd production:

The difference between the curd cooking tank process and other types of process tanks is that the curd cooking process tank is the same as the normal tank process. But it can provide the necessary heat for cooking and evaporating the excess buttermilk water left over from the buttermilk process. As a result, produce thick and tasty curd. Production of curd in the traditional way is very difficult and time-consuming. While the production of this tonic and delicious substance is done by process tanks easily and at high speed.
The curd produced by this machine is a thick liquid. This liquid curd is packed in sanitary containers and sold in the market as liquid curd. To produce dry curd, drying devices can be used to dry liquid curd.

کاربرد پروسس تانک

Using the process tank as a pasteurizer:

Process tanks can be used to pasteurize all kinds of liquids. The only requirement for this type of application of the process tank is that it must be connected to the cooling tower device. Pasteurizer devices, which are special for pasteurizing liquids, have a high price and maintenance costs of They are also many. Providing pasteurizers for small and even relatively large workshops is not economical.

The advantages of process tanks are that they are cost-effective devices that can be easily procured and used for pasteurization. The process tanks, along with the package and cooling tower, can increase the temperature of its contents up to 80 degrees Celsius and then quickly reduce its temperature. In this way, all the impurities in the liquid are removed and pasteurized. With this device, in addition to milk, non-dairy liquids such as herbal extracts can also be pasteurized.


Process Tanks can be used in the production of oils, detergents and cosmetic creams, etc. In general, most of the process tanks have a relatively similar structure, and the main difference between the process tanks used in the food industry and the process tanks of other industries is the material of the body of this equipment.

This device is one of the most important equipment in the dairy industry. Using the process tank, you can start the production line of any dairy product you want. To buy this product and to know the price and technical specifications, you can complete the consultation request form so that our technicians will contact you in the shortest possible time. You can also contact us through WhatsApp.

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