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Maintenance of Dairy Production Lines

dairy line maintenance

Dairy Production Line Maintenance

The maintenance process of dairy production lines is very important because the products produced in them are very diverse and sensitive. This variety of products makes it very important to ensure the correct operation of these machines. This need for the proper functioning of equipment and machines in the production lines of dairy products will be solved only through their continuous control and servicing.

The maintenance of dairy production lines can lead to high production growth by significantly reducing the sudden stops of the machines. Therefore, in the upcoming article, we will introduce and explain various solutions in this field, so that this need can be met in the best way, considering the high sensitivity and importance of the products.

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Dairy production line equipment

In the following, for a better understanding of the solutions provided for the maintenance and repair of dairy production lines, we will first explain about these production lines and the equipment used in them. To create a better understanding of this issue. Dairy products are referred to products that are prepared and produced from milk. Equipment is used in the preparation and production of these products. In the following, we will refer to these devices:

1- Milk tanks

These tanks are used for various reasons. The volume range of these tanks is from 100 liters to 150000 liters. Their use includes two items:

  • Milk storage tanks
  • Mixing and processing tanks

2- Cooler plate

These equipment are also called plate heat exchangers. They are used to cool and heat milk.

3- Homogenizer

This device is used to separate milk fat from it. This fat gives milk a taste close to cream. The components of this device include the following:

  • The body is made of steel
  • Pressure control gauges
  • Electro-Motor
  • Gearbox

3- Pasteurizer

Another device of this production line that should be considered in the maintenance process of dairy production lines is the pasteurizer. This device destroys all milk germs that cause disease.

Different types of Pasteurizer

4- Clarifier

This device removes the impurities and pollution in the milk with the help of centrifugal law.

5- Pumps

This section of equipment is used in dairy production lines to transfer products that are in a liquid state. In this way, no damage will be done to the physical state of the fluid.

6- Cream separator

The separator is used to convert fresh milk into fat-free milk or skim and cream. Since the milks in the market have different percentages of fat, this device returns some amount of cream to the skimmed milk according to the standard and required amount of fat, so that the final composition is in accordance with the desired and determined standard.

7- Dairy degasser

This equipment is used in dairy production lines to eliminate unpleasant odors. Of course, this device is used in other industries in addition to the dairy industry. This device has parts such as:

  • vacuum pump
  • Vacuum tank
  • Product pump
  • Fully automatic or semi-automatic steering control panel
  • Vacuum manometer
  • Cooler
  • chassis and other accessories

Also, machines and devices related to packaging are also used in the dairy production line. All these equipment need maintenance. The general principles of this process are similar in most industrial machines. In the following, we will give a general description of them.

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Pasteurization vs. Homogenization

Dairy Production Line maintenance:

In every production sector, especially dairy products, which have high diversity and sensitivity. Basic maintenance and correct and professional repair is one of the important parts of the work. Because in order to achieve high levels of productivity, maximum accuracy and efficiency of machines is considered essential. The importance of this issue is so high that thoughts such as repairing a device whenever it breaks down. It is almost obsolete. Necessary measures for the maintenance of production lines have become a culture in successful mega-organizations.

What does the maintenance of the production line mean?

Specialists and experts in this field say that maintenance of production lines means all measures and programs to prevent sudden breakdowns of machines and industrial tools. But repairs include works and actions during which a defective and problematic machine or device returns to its original state and joins the production cycle. Also, the set of these necessary measures is called net.

Net implementation methods in production lines:

1- Formulating the maintenance process:

At this stage, with the presence of the managers of all the production, financial and warehouse departments and obtaining their views, a complete and accurate policy of the equipment maintenance and repair process is obtained.

2- Specifying team:

Every organization and manufacturer, considering the extent and diversity of the required machines, it is better to have a professional team in order to carry out the necessary measures for maintenance and repairs. The presence of a professional team of all people who are experts and knowledgeable about how to work can help increase the productivity of the organization. In the field of dairy, this issue becomes more important due to the variety of products and consequently the number of equipment and machines.

3- Inspection and supervision:

The best programs and the most professional support teams will not be able to achieve the desired results without inspections and timely monitoring. It is also of great importance that the person or persons who conduct the inspections must be completely expert and proficient.

Benefits of doing dairy production line maintenance

If this maintenance is carried out in a principled and scientific way under the supervision of experts, there can be many benefits, including:

  • Reducing fatal risks for production line devices
  • Preventing breakdown and stoppage of production lines
  • Reduction of final costs
  • Maximum efficiency of machines and devices
  • Limitation of losses caused by the operation of devices

Using a correct system in the maintenance of dairy production lines also leads to a reduction in the cost of products. And due to the variety of products in the field of dairy products, it can bring high profitability. Regarding the devices used in the dairy production line, it should be noted that some of these devices need to be checked and controlled daily, such as pasteurizer devices should be checked and controlled on a weekly or monthly basis.

Also, the failure of the devices is inevitable in some cases, and these supervisions ensure that the production operation is not stopped for this reason, or that it starts working again in the shortest possible time. In the dairy industry and milk products, this issue is even more important. Because it can affect the quality and health of raw materials. Therefore, the presence of a team to maintain and repair production line equipment in dairy products should be taken seriously.

Purpose of maintenance of dairy production lines:

The main and basic goals in an effective process and system for the maintenance of production lines include things such as:

  • Preventing the spread of faults and defects
  • Prevent minor defects before they grow up
  • Preventing interruptions in the production process
  • Reducing the use of manpower by performing basic repairs
  • Optimal use of employees in the installation and repair areas
  • Reducing general and repetitive repairs
  • Reducing the consumption of spare parts and as a result reducing the costs caused by it
  • Reducing the amount of low-quality products and increasing the quality of products
  • Increasing the useful life of equipment and machines and consequently reducing the costs of purchasing new equipment
  • Predicting the costs related to the repair or renovation of equipment and thus the possibility of planning for them

What are most effective factors in the success of dairy production line maintenance?

In order to succeed in managing the maintenance and repair system, the dairy production line should pay special attention to 4 key and important factors in this field:

  1. Simplifying management processes
  2. Empowerment by means of up-to-date tools and new technologies
  3. moving towards proactive repairs and maintenance
  4. Intelligent exploitation of equipment and machinery information

Of course, the mentioned items are applicable and correct for most production lines. But considering the wide range of dairy products and the high sensitivity of their raw materials in terms of health and usability, these points are considered more important than other times.

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Equipment Failure

What should we do to prevent equipment failure in the dairy production line as much as possible?

1- Regular and permanent maintenance of the equipment in the production line:

Prepare a detailed plan for the equipment used for the maintenance of dairy production lines. and provide a copy of it to all the responsible workers in the department. Of course, the easier and safer way is to delegate all these responsibilities to external organizations such as Sepiani Industrial Group.

2- Cleaning the devices and preventing blockages in them:

It is very important to clean the devices continuously and at appropriate times. In the industries related to dairy, this issue is of particular importance, under this blockage, it can be associated with the corruption of raw materials and lead to a severe drop in the quality of the final product and cause irreparable damages.

3- Staff training:

A group of employees who are responsible for working with machines should be given necessary and practical information and training.

4- Selection and provision of quality equipment:

In this context, receiving the required equipment from reliable companies and groups can guarantee the quality of the purchased products.


The products and as a result the equipment and machines used in dairy production lines are very wide and diverse. Therefore, the importance of maintenance and maintenance of production lines will be doubled. Sepyani Industrial Group provides you with the best services and products both in the field of selling the equipment needed to set up the production line and the necessary consultations, and in the field of maintenance and repair of these lines. You can contact us through What’sApp icon.

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