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Production Line Maintenance


Production Line Maintenance

Between the 1960s and 1980s, maintenance was only considered a background activity that was of little importance and was only considered when breakdowns occurred. Previously, maintenance was limited and mainly led to electricity, mechanics or greasing, and there were no important concepts such as forecasting or prevention! Unlike today, maintenance was much neglected, which also had detrimental consequences. For example, technicians worked only on lubrication or monitoring cycles, and the strategies used were based solely on major repairs and corrective operations, not preventative ones.

تعمیرات صنعتی

In the industrial world of that time, the consequences of neglecting maintenance were in no way comparable to the industrial world we know today. Because at that time the industry was growing and the closure of production could have disrupted the work, but as today it did not cause huge losses, and one of the main reasons could be the lack of integration of equipment in general.

What is Industrial Automation?

Purpose of Maintenance:

  • Prevent the increase of defects and shortcomings
  • Reduce the cost of repairs and accessories
  • Fix small and minor defects and prevent major repairs
  • Prevention of operation and wear of tools and machines
  • Minimize losses due to interruptions in production and operation
  • Prevent the production of substandard products that result from the operation of defective tools
  • Increase the life of tools and no need to buy new tools
  • Reduce production costs and increase ultimate productivity

Attention: It should be noted that the repair and maintenance of the production line is performed by experts with skill and special tools for each production line. This requires expertise and is done by experienced people.

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Maintenance with Sepyani Group

Sepyani Industrial Group, consisting of experienced and specialized engineers, strives to provide its services to its customers in the best way with the most up-to-date methods in the field of maintenance of factory lines and tools. It should be noted that a major part of our work is to provide advice on how to operate and operate factory equipment and troubleshoot them to prevent problems and in case of occurrence in the shortest possible time to solve the problem. To receive maintenance advice, you can fill out the “Consultation Request” form so that we can contact you as soon as possible. Also you can contact us by What’sApp.

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