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Industrial Networks

industrial network

What are Industrial Networks?

Industrial networks are used to share information and facilities used by controllers and equipment. In fact it is a way to exchange information, the protocols used in these networks each specify how this information is exchanged. Thus sending and receiving information between different equipment such as PLCs, HMIs or other controllers in a production line will not require much wiring and using protocols, all these things can be done.

To have a good and effective communication network, we must pay attention to the following points:

  • The network can be used
  • Have good operational capacity
  • The average delay time of data transfer should be acceptable

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What is Industrial Automation?

What is the transmission of information in industrial networks?

There are different types of industrial networks, the most important criterion for choosing which is the transmission device or cabling system. These networks usually use coaxial cables or twisted pair cables but recently fiber optics have also been used. Coaxial cables, in addition to being reasonably priced, are also used for long distances, but cables Twisted Pairs can only be used for short distances due to their high data transfer speed and do not have a high transmission capacity. Fiber optic cables are used for both long distances and high transmission speeds but are very expensive.

Sepyani Industrial Group, in addition to considering the above, using appropriate simulation or analytical methods, has performed an accurate and complete evaluation of your equipment to determine the overall strategy. Which is the most important step of the industrial network, the best industrial network with the least amount of noise. You will design and execute and fine-tune the network communication parameters, which is one of the most important factors in this process, to establish the best information and communication between your equipment.

Information transfer methods:

Data transfer is done in two ways:

  1. digital
  2. analog

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What is UPS?

Buying Industrial Items

Different types of industrial networks

ModBus Network:

This protocol is used to communicate between a large number of devices and has the possibility of unlimited data transfer.

Profibus profile network:

This network is used as a standard in industrial automation.

Carrying out accurate calculations to determine the best industrial network suitable for the equipment used, choosing the right resistors that should be placed in the network, which is of great importance and minimizing the cost of implementing industrial networks and also supplying parts needed to make industrial networks from the best brands at the most appropriate price. Repair and maintenance of these networks is one of the most important services of Sepyani Industrial Group, which is supported by years of experience and successful projects.

For more information about the services related to the programming languages ​​of Sepyani Collection, you can get information from the programming services, and also to receive advice, you can fill in the “Consultation Request” form and wait for the call of our experts. Also you can contact us by What’sApp.

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