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Assembly of electrical panel

electrical panel

Assembling electrical panels

Electrical panels can be divided in terms of appearance, installation and application. It is necessary to use electrical panels to protect electrical equipment from dust, power fluctuations, and increase or decrease the voltage of industrial equipment.

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Steps of assembling electrical panels

The first step for assembling electrical panels is to know the exact parts and equipment and complete familiarity with their installation plan. Do not be confused and can diagnose the problem in a short time.

Electrical panels are usually made of 1,1,5,2 alloy sheets that are used for their outer body. Alloy 1 is produced for the outer body. Which has IP54 to prevent the penetration of dust. Also special rubber is used for this protection.

The panel is usually from the bottom or top of the panel, where the gland is used after perforating the wiring to prevent the penetration of dust, moisture or insects into the panel. All panel equipment is mounted on the panel tray and labeled according to a pre-determined plan.

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Applications of electrical panels

Since the most important application of electrical switchboards is to protect the operator and manpower against possible shocks or electric shocks. In places where there is a lot of traffic, such as hospitals, isolated electrical switchboards are used. This means that if a person accidentally comes in contact with one of the power supply wires, very little current will pass through his body and no one will be harmed. These panels are composed of 3 main parts:

  • Isolated transformer
  • Fuse panel
  • LIM monitor

The professional and experienced team of Sepyani Industrial Group, having years of experience in installing and assembling all kinds of small and large electrical panels and setting up production lines, can provide you with the best and highest quality parts needed for your panel with detailed and expert advice.

Now, in terms of cost, it should be cost-effective, introduce it to you, and prepare the most practical electrical panel suitable for your production line in the shortest possible time. For more information please contact us by What’sApp.

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