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What is UPS?

ups system
  • What is UPS system?
  • How does the UPS work?
  • What are the types of UPS?
  • How does UPS work?

If you intend to stabilize your device, UPS will help you with its special features. In this article, we will introduce this device, its capabilities, how it works.

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There are many devices for backup during power outages, of which UPS is one of them, but is this device really suitable for power outage backup or do other devices play a better role? What are the other functions of the UPS device and which one is bolder?


Getting to know UPS

UPS is an uninterruptible power supply and is installed next to a computer (or other electrical consumers) and forms the UPS system. As it is clear from the short name of the device, this device plays its role by activating the backup battery and connecting when the main voltage is weak or interrupted.

The function of this device or emergency power supply is that it provides backup power immediately during a power outage. This device is usually used for all kinds of computers or devices such as network equipment.

What are the different types of UPS?

These devices are divided into two types. Smaller and larger UPSs. The larger models of these devices can provide the required electrical energy for several hours, but the smaller models can only do this for a few minutes because these small one usually has a battery inside it, which can be used when the power is out. In normal mode, it charges the battery. Below we have introduced the types of UPS.

  • Standby UPS or Offline UPS
  • Interactive line
  • Online UPS or double conversion

In all three introduced models, it is immediately connected to the battery when the power is cut off. How they deal with each other to remain normal lies the difference between the three types. An online or double conversion UPS system produces electricity continuously, while other systems use other methods. The UPS standby system uses limited attenuation. The Line Interactive device uses a way to smooth out bad harmonics and adjust the voltage.

What is a Contactor?

What is the main function of UPS?

UPS is widely used by the public because it has many functions. The primary function of a UPS is to provide battery backup in the event of a power outage or unacceptable voltage drop. This ensures that your electrical equipment receives constant current. Therefore, damage such as database failure during power outages or common electrical fluctuations can be avoided.

Also, during lightning strikes, which can easily lead to the burning of everything in its path, such as motherboards and all connected hardware, through telecommunication systems such as cable modem connections (ADSL). The presence of UPS prevents this sudden event.

So what is the function of UPS? Here are 8 functions of using a UPS:

1. Off protection

When the power provided by the utility is interrupted or turned off. The UPS system immediately converts the DC power from the battery to AC power to supply the load to avoid the inconvenience and losses caused by power outages.

2. Voltage stabilization

Too much or too little voltage can affect the life of tools and equipment used. The implementation of the UPS system can provide a stable voltage power supply for the user’s equipment to ensure the normal operation of the equipment and extend its useful life.

3. Surge protection

It can protect against fluctuations because UPS power systems with point release are designed to absorb fluctuations that occur and also prevent fluctuations that can affect service efficiency and equipment life.

4. High or low voltage protection

When the mains voltage changes frequently, the UPS voltage regulator keeps the voltage within a safe range to ensure that the equipment continues to operate normally. When the voltage is high or low, the UPS system automatically starts the battery power supply for continuous operation of the equipment.

5. Harmonic distortion protection

The available power must be transferred to the user through transmission and distribution lines, which causes the voltage waveform to change and a fundamental change in current to occur, resulting in harmonics. Harmonics affect the use of equipment and the UPS system manages it.

6. Frequency stabilization

Frequency is defined as the switching period of the commercial power supply per second. The power frequency will usually be unstable depending on the power consumption of the user. Then, the UPS converts the power to produce a stable frequency to ensure the normal operation of the equipment.

7. Messenger protection

Pressure surges or drops sometimes occur instantaneously, which can affect the accuracy of the device. So, UPS is here to provide a stable voltage to protect the equipment.

8. Noise resistance

UPS protects equipment and data. It ensures the normal operation of the device and increases the service life without causing excessive noise.

What are the components of the UPS system?

Before you know how a UPS works. You need to know what is in the UPS system. Here are the components.

  • Rectifier or charger: to charge the battery or can generate DC power to supply the inverter.
  • Inverter: produces quality electricity and is free from any city electricity disturbances.
  • Battery: Provides enough backup time to ensure device safety.
  • Static switch: It is a semiconductor device that transfers the load from the inverter to the mains and then back again.

What is Industrial Networks?

How UPS works?

The way this device works varies depending on its type. In the discussion of the meaning of UPS, it was discussed that there are 3 types of UPS, the way they work is as follows:

1. How does a standby or offline UPS work?

Basically, the inverter is connected in parallel with the AC input in standby mode. Normally, the load is supplied by city electricity through filters that eliminate certain disturbances. The inverter works in passive standby mode.

2. Interactive behavior of line or type

Basically, the inverter is put into standby mode parallel to the AC input and charges the battery. In normal operation, the load will be supplied with conditioned power through the parallel connection of the input and the AC inverter.
The inverter works to provide ventilation or charge the battery. The output frequency depends on the AC input frequency.

3. How does UPS Online work?

Basically, the inverter is connected in series between the AC input and the AC bus input. In normal operation, all the power supplied to the load passes through the charger and the inverter, which simultaneously performs a double conversion such as AC to DC to AC.

اجزای یو پی اس

Important points of UPS installation

Tips you should know:

UPS installation

Considering that the UPS is connected to various electrical devices. The existence of any technical defects and problems in it causes damage to electrical devices. UPS installation is very sensitive and important. To install and operate this device, expertise and knowledge of existing laws and standards are required. For example, the place where the UPS is installed is one of the most important things in the installation and operation of the UPS. This place must be completely standard and all conditions that can cause danger (for example, heat sources, etc.) should be investigated and evaluated. The method of installing UPS batteries and the method of connecting it to electrical devices is also one of the significant and important things in setting up a UPS.
Always pay attention to the fact that the place where the UPS system is placed and started is free from any kind of pollution and dust. In addition to the need for this place to have proper ventilation and to have sufficient strength. If these tips are not followed, there is a possibility that the UPS will face serious problems. Observing the instructions related to the installation, commissioning and maintenance of UPS will prevent possible problems and damages and avoid the need to repair the device.

UPS software

UPS devices have their own software that is programmed during power outages. In such a way that during a power outage, the UPS enters the system and the power of the devices is connected correctly. Installing a UPS is always accompanied by installing a software. A special UPS software with the best structure and settings, according to the needs of the organization, is always installed along with the UPS. The user can also use the factory default settings.
UPS battery test
In order to have enough information about the power of the battery to power the system during a power outage. Batteries need to be tested regularly. By means of a support system, automatic testing can be scheduled in regular cycles, quickly and deeply.

UPS power supply

Note that you should not rely on a UPS to power a laser printer alone. Even if it is the only one that is going to be powered by a UPS. When a laser printer is connected to a UPS to provide backup power, it can consume beyond the standard load level in a UPS and overwhelm the UPS. It should be ensured that in the Windows backup program (which has a three-step backup procedure). The command to stop backup should be activated in the mode of starting to use the UPS battery. In the case that the backup is done manually, the options related to the battery in the power consumption management section in Windows should be selected and ticked (Figure C). In this way, an incomplete backup will not be executed instead of a full backup.


When setting up a UPS, don’t try to use it to wade through storm water. You should note that these devices do not generate electricity and are not generators. At best, they are considered as a lifeboat from unpredictable crises.

A UPS can have acceptable and complete capabilities for shutdown in about 5 minutes. But when there is a power outage. It can play the role of a communication bridge. If the UPS is used to properly and timely close the programs and processes, as well as the temporary and regular process to shut down the system. Less data is likely to be lost and it prevents files and programs from being corrupted as a result of a sudden power outage. For more information you can contact us by What’sApp. Also you can fill consultation form in order to our engineers contact you as soon as possible.

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